award01 award02 1st Leonard Leroy 1st Leonard Leroy 1st Leonard Leroy
Cameland Leonard Loroy Neji


No. 1 (154 pt)
#10 Leonard Leroy
No. 2 (118 pt)
#03 Cameland
No. 3 (53 pt)
#33 Neji
No. 4 (52 pt)
#02 Nudiefive
No. 5 (42 pt)
#35 cardcastleruins
No. 6 (34 pt)
#38 Thebigcomedown
No. 7 (20 pt)
#23 enojy
No. 8 (19 pt)
#34 sniglum
No. 9 (11 pt)
#05 Bobbejaan

#05 Bobbejaan
No. 10 (9 pt)
#01 Billmaga
No. 10 (9 pt)
#28 Blow
No. 12 (7 pt)
#13 f4igurl
No. 13 (6 pt)
#36 DrZ
No. 14 (4 pt)
#32 Eurgrippa

No. 14 (4 pt)
#26 billiamphan
No. 14 (4 pt)
#22 Esoteric
No. 17 (3 pt)
#21 mjg
No. 17 (3 pt)
#04 tion4->
No. 17 (3 pt)
#37 Sarge
No. 20 (2 pt)
#30 dustyle
No. 20 (2 pt)
#27 plokid

SJC WINNERS/ SJC色落ちコンテスト受賞者

1st Place

#10 Leonard Leroy

leroy pics
prizes of 1st Target Mesh Cap denim bunner

First place winner will receive the following prizes from Fabfour: /

winner's comment/ 受賞者のコメント

Epilogue, for Leroy
エピローグ, ルロワの場合...

I wanted to post earlier, but my jeans! They were stolen!

Today, I found the culprit, sneaking of the house through the basement.


My sister.

I asked for them back, but no dice, she gave me this mean, vulgar nonchalant look.


Had to block out the face. Christ, woman, have some decency, mama wants to be proud of her kids.


She had an accomplice distracting me. Never a visage more evil than that which lies behind a cute thing sorta. Look like steve buscemi.

Anyway, ya, my sister stole the jeans, ran off to do bad things. I'm going to chase after her right now because I love these jeans.

free translation/ 異訳な意訳: by shinichi

2nd Place

#03 Cameland

cameland pics
prizes of 2nd FAB4 13th Tee Target Mesh Cap

First place winner will receive the following prizes from Fabfour: /

winner's comment/ 受賞者のコメント

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and special thanks to Shinichi-san and all the guys and gals at Fabfour for supporting us, has been a great experience!

3rd Place

#33 Neji

neji pics
prizes of 3rd Medallion HP Strap Target Mesh Cap

First place winner will receive the following prizes from Fabfour: /

winner's comment/ 受賞者のコメント

really surprised and honored to be chosen 3rd, my skull really worked well as my "skin" for a whole year. I like how the indigo stayed dark below the knees even after 5,6washes, and stack fades are becoming almost visible. this was my first contest and was very organized. thanx again to ppl of fabfour and mynudies organizers, also the contestants and fans for a great contest!


All entrants, and 5 voters selected in a lucky draw, will receive the SJC special poster.
please note we are presently making the SJC Poster. therefore, we will send the prizes as soon as the poster is completed.

そしてSkull Jeans Contest参加者と、投票者のうち抽選で選ばれた5人にはSJC Special Poster が贈られます。
只今SJC Special Posterは制作中のため、賞品はポスターが出来上がりしだい発送いたします。